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futmillionaire 15 autobuyer and autobidder


For the past few months we’ve been making hundreds of Fifa Ultimate Team Millionaires, and helping you grow the coins needed to buy your Dream Team with what is now the industry standard Top FIFA Gold Making Guide, FIFA Ultimate Team Millionaire.

While the Fifa Ultimate Team Millionaire Method worked wonders for everyone that followed the instructions and was patient enough to learn to trade like a PRO, there is one thing that we still couldn’t go around:

We were doing all the work manually to get to 100k a day and beyond.  For all the Coins we were Making, people were still getting bored of trading, and wanted something to replace having to scan the FUT Markets manually.

This was the time to introduce…

Millions on Autopilot

The FUTMillionaire’s Official Autobuyer and Autobidder Programs are an AutoBuying, AutoBidding and AutoSelling Application  especially designed to work with the FUTMillionaire and all other relevant Trading Methods, with all the Features you could possibly ask from an AutoTrading Program, to make it the best and most profitable available in the Market.

Ever wondered why when you sometimes list a player at a low price in the FUT Market, it is bought within miliseconds? This was probably someone using an Autobuyer.

It is a PRO Trading Tool that the Top Traders and Gold Coin Sellers use to reach those pornographic amounts of gold coins and afford the players in the game worth 2 or 3 Million.

Now we are bringing it to YOU, and leveling the playing field.

How it Works

It’s very easy to use! All you have to do is set the Buying and Selling Prices for any Players or Consumables you want to Trade in the Trading Center App, and click Search.

The Autobuyer will then start scanning the market, and it will do the rest of the work for you! It will search, buy and sell cards in Autopilot for hours and even days.

It will also clear Sold items from your Trade Pile and Re-List Unsold Items.

Making FUT Coins from now on is effortless Just turn on the application and go to school/work and leave the autobuyer on, and when you get back, a big coin profit will be waiting for you.

Price AutoUpdater & Other Autobuyer Features

The Price AutoUpdater enables you to take your Automatic Trading to the Next Level as it Updates ALL your Inventory Buying and Selling Prices alligning them to Market Prices on a Hourly Basis. This means you will not have to check prices to see price Evolution, the Program will do it for you! Just pick the player, Click the button and the Prices will get Adjusted automatically to the Real Market Prices.

Trade on Every Platform (XBOXOne, PS4, Xbox360, Ps3 and PC)

It buys UP TO the Buying Price you set and then Lists the Bought items at the Selling Price you set. Minimum Trade Profit is presented in the Adding Screen (already without EA’s gold coin tax)

It clears Sold Items and Re-Lists Unsold until they Sell

Supports Players, Contract Cards, Fitness Cards, Chemistry Styles, Positions… Gold, Silver or Bronze

Keeps a Text Log of your Trading Activities

Possible to Run Multiple Trading Accounts on one PC

(Instant Access, 24 Hours per Day)


This was the Team I built right after the WC2014 Team of the Tournament Came Out


What’s your Dream Team? Have you thought that at the Rate you’re NEVER going to afford the best players in the game?

That’s right, the best players in the Game are Reserved to two kinds of players:

- The ones with Thousands of Real Money to waste on packs


- the PRO traders like us!

99% of FUT Players Make the SAME Trading Mistakes

How do I know?

Well, because I PROFIT from these mistakes… Every Single Day.

They are the Sheep and we are the Wolves.

While this Free Report alone is Not Enough to Turn You Into a FUT Millionaire, we are giving You the chance to STOP BEING THE SHEEP, and repeating the same mistakes, over and over again, that eat up ALL your Trading Profits.

Download the FREE REPORT NOW!

    Autobuyer Quick Start Guide

    Worried that you won’t know how to use it?

    To make sure you understand and take advantage of all the coin making potential available in your hands, we’ve added an Autobuyer Quick Start Guidewith all the detailed Steps needed to take in order to start making serious coins with the Autobuyer.

    In essence the Program is very simple to use, but you need to know what to look for in the Market and avoiding any Mistakes, and that’s what the Quick Start Guide will provide you with.

    Free FUTMillionaire Trading Center Membership + Video Training + Trading Lists

    With hundreds of Millionaires made in only a few months, extensive video training and the legendary Weekly Trading Lists, said by the members to be “worth the full price of the guide alone”…

    the FUT Millionaire Trading Center is the definitive FIFA15 Gold Making Website in the market today and the most solid method of all, while also being a Method that has worked for every FIFA so far and will work for any FIFA version in the Future.

    The full FUTMillionaire System in the past sold for $37 is now yours FREE as a part of the Trading Center Package and sent to you when you purchase a Membership.

    (Instant Access, 24 Hours per Day)

    We are committed to making the FUTMillionaire Trading Center (Autobuyer + Autobidder + PRO Traders Area Membership), the easiest and most profitable FUT Trading experience of all time.

    Mike Miranda, FUTMillionaire Creator

    Stop Getting Hacked

    In the past I have gotten well over 100 emails of people who have been emailing me saying they had downloaded and bought random Autobuyer applications off the Internet and had gotten their accounts HACKED and millions of coins STOLEN!

    Most of the Autobuyers out there are applications especially designed with Keyloggers to steal your Login Details and empty all the coins in your account.

    Obviously our application is 100% Safe from Keyloggers. 

    We have no access to your Login Details!


    The FUTMillionaire Trading principles work for any market in FUT.

    Although we use set markets for FUTMillionaire method, with the Autobuyer & Autobidder for FIFA15 ANY MARKET WILL BE OPEN for You, since you have the program to do all the Heavy Market Monitoring Work for you.

    If a Combination of Cards is not working well for You, then you just change them and look in another market or let the Program Adjust your Buying/Selling prices.

    The FUTMillionaire Trading Center is a totally different ballgame using the same solid principles we were using before.

    If there is a gold coin to be made out there, you will be able to make it!

    (Instant Access, 24 Hours per Day)

    If the Program is not working for you, I will help you personally and if that still doesn’t do it, you will get your money back.


    How much will I be able to make with the Autobuyer?

    There are people making between 200.000 and 300.000 coins a day with the Autobuyer. The program does exactly what it says it does and it does it well. However because you need to learn how to use it (we provide a Guide for that), we can’t guarantee how much coins you will make.

    Can I run the Autobuyer on my Mac?

    Yes, it runs natively on MAC, as long as you have Java Installed

    Is there a Trial version?

    Due to abuse, we currently are unable to offer a Trial version. However, you have the guarantee that it will work in your computer or you will get your money back.

    What can I trade with the Autobuyer?

    You can trade any Gold, Silver or Bronze, Players, Contracts, Fitness, Chemistry Style and Position cards of all types. We will be adding Formation and Position cards soon.

    Can I run the One Autobuyer on Multiple Accounts at the same time?

    Yes! It will require 1 license for each additional account. Additional licenses are priced well below the retail price at $39, but limited to each user to prevent abuse.

    Will the FUTMillionaire Manual Method work in FIFA14?

    It worked in FIFA12, FIFA13, FIFA14 and we’re pretty sure it will work in any future FIFA. Even people that got the Autobuyer are still using the FUTMillionaire method, since it’s still so profitable.

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